Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Extremely Dangerous Road Conditions - LIVE Blogging (continued)

***Winter Storm Warning Remains in Effect***
Extremely Dangerous Road Conditions Exist

6:40pm EST - (PHOTO Post)

Snow sticks to bushes in Maryland (Photo By: Kenneth Lorber)

A snow blurred photo taken in Colesville, MD (Photo By: Kenneth Lorber)

Snow accumulation on a garden light. (Photo By: Kenneth Lorber)

Heavy snowfall continues to impact the DC area. (Photo By: Kenneth Lorber)

A snowy scene in Montgomery Co. Maryland (Photo By: Kenneth Lorber)

6:15pm EST - 

Again, if you have photos of the snowfall please SUBMIT THEM to us at

We will post photos to our website from the DC area!

Reports of many Montgomery County emergency vehicles getting stuck are coming into our news center. Please drive cautiously. It is likely if you require an emergency service that the wait time will be significant. Please be cautious. 

5:45pm EST - 

Extremely hazardous road conditions exist on area roads at this time. Multiple fire units are responding to numerous accidents across the capital region. Local officials advise everyone who does not need to be on the roads to stay off the roads!

LIVE blogging will continue right here on The Capital Region Pulse!

Please use extreme caution when driving around tonight. 

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