Thursday, October 25, 2012

Extreme Storm Threatens East Coast


All eyes are on Hurricane Sandy in the Bahamas today. Sandy has the potential to bring extremely hazardous conditions to portions of the east coast of the United States in the coming days. At this time, it appears as though the computer models are converging on a solution where the storm "hooks" back into the coast somewhere between MD/VA and New England. Exactly where this hook happens will determine the exact conditions at various locations. 

With that said, large portions outside of the exact center of the storm will see severe weather conditions. Coastal areas where the wind blows onshore for prolonged periods will see moderate to potentially severe coastal flooding. The cyclones wind fields will expand greatly allowing for potentially damaging winds far outside of the center of circulation. Heavy rainfall will also cause inland flooding.

Residents in the DC area (and areas of the Northeastern United States) should begin to prepare for flooding and potential long term power outages. This storm poses a unique situation that is extremely rare in meteorological terms. The Capital Region Pulse will continue to provide updates as the situation unfolds. Our team is committed to providing up to date coverage of this potentially dangerous storm system.