Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Capital Region Pulse Reborn!

The Capital Region Pulse will be undergoing a rejuvenation in the next few days/weeks. Expect a return to up-to-date coverage of major local news, weather and more. We will also be launching a separate section of the website devoted to the weather and science portion of our coverage.

The primary focus will be within a very local zone covering the National Capital Region (NCR) stretching from PG County in Maryland westward to Loudoun County in Virginia. The north/south boundary will stretch from roughly Howard County to Fairfax County. Particularly significant events will be covered from the areas surrounding the immediate zone, however.

The tag system will become crucial to help readers find the content that pertains to them. Tags may include geographical areas or types of news. While the weather portion of the website will be separate - it will be integrated seamlessly with the site as a whole to ensure user-friendly navigation.

So...update your bookmarks and tell your friends and family that we are back! We look forward to providing accurate local news to you!


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